Windscreen Technology – Our Outlook for the Future

As the years go by the technology in the automotive sector seems to advance unhindered. Cars without drivers, heads-up displays, and augmented reality driving are no longer a novelty but a reality. As wonderful as these innovations have been, you can expect to see even more changes to the driving world in the near future. By changes, Best Windscreen is referring to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) directly in the windscreen. Along with ADAS you can expect to see many more changes which we will detail below.

Gorilla Glass

You already have Gorilla Glass for your phone, but thanks to massive amounts of R & D you can expect for the technology to be applied to your windscreens. These windscreens will be lightweight, crystal clear, and as the name suggests, highly durable.

Gorilla Glass is formed by submerging a windscreen in molten salt which causes a chemical reaction. That reaction transforms sodium ions into potassium ions. Instead of your windscreen being two layers of glass with a temper in the middle, the windscreen itself becomes the middle layer.

The end result is a light and extremely durable windscreen and can resist most common forms of damage. Because the glass is so light, you will also get more mileage out of your tank. This is only the beginning: Gorilla Glass is also the perfect template for heads-up and touch-screen displays.

Augmented Reality Windscreen

Windscreen ADAS with Augmented Reality is the next logical step when it comes to automotive advancement. Augmented Reality ADAS will allow graphics and overlays directly on your windscreen and impose against a real-world backdrop. There are already several companies that are close to releasing smaller units that can fit on most car models. These units can give you directions, speed, and other information right in front of your eyes. The options are endless. Think in terms of real-time traffic updates, maps and warnings and more made available for you and your passengers.

Paired with the Augmented Reality ADAS is the option for a camera that faces the driver. This will allow for eye movement tracking that can communicate with the systems to give it hands-free instructions or information. There are already some models in testing that are in production on a small scale, and as soon as the tech is perfected you can expect to see them in the mass market.

Wiper-less Windscreen

If you live in a climate that is always wet or always snowing, you can imagine the amount of strain a windscreen faces. Imagine now, a windscreen that can remain clear without the need for wipers, even in the middle of a storm. There are many companies in a race to develop a solution that gets rid of windscreen wipers forever.

Similar to fighter jets, Super Car manufacturer McLaren has applied supersonic sound to blast rain away from vehicle glass. This is accomplished by mounting a transducer on the windscreen which in turn creates a barrier. Though this advancement is still in the planning and testing phase, the idea is certainly in the works.

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