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Your windscreen is an essential part of your car that does more than block incoming bugs and the wind from your face. Imagine that you are driving home on a brilliant sunny day with no road hazards in view. The next thing you know, a car speeds your way. There is no time to stop or adjust your driving direction as you hear the crispy crunch of metal on metal. Of course, you brace yourself in prepa

Safety is one of the most critical aspects of any vehicle. The framework of your car plays a significant role in protecting passengers from road hazards. Your windscreen is always a critical part of that framework, so if it suffers damage, everyone in the car is in danger. A lot of drivers may not notice that their windscreen has been damaged, or the damage may be small. Frequently, drivers wil

As the years go by the technology in the automotive sector seems to advance unhindered. Cars without drivers, heads-up displays, and augmented reality driving are no longer a novelty but a reality. As wonderful as these innovations have been, you can expect to see even more changes to the driving world in the near future. By changes, Best Windscreen is referring to Advanced Driver Assistance Syste

With summer knocking on the door, it is important you make sure your windscreen is properly cared for. There are several tips to help you keep your car glass in pristine condition even when faced with hot weather, and avoid needing a windscreen repair. Summer, just like the winter, has its own unique elemental hazards that can affect the stability of your windscreen. Thankfully, Best Windscreen is

As a driver, once you hit the road there are two things that work to keep you safe. These are your windscreen and your windows. Both of them work together to keep you safe from the elements, road hazards, and external debris. With such a vital role, it’s important you care for your windscreen properly. If your car glass gets damaged, call the experts here at Best Windscreen for windscreen repair

Your windscreen is one of the most important parts of your car. While it does provide a clear barrier between you and the road, it also serves several other important functions. Your windscreen helps your airbag to operate properly, and it helps to keep everyone in the vehicle safe from the elements. Considering how much work your windscreen puts in, it is no surprise that it may suffer periodic

In the winter fog can be a serious road hazard when fog clashes the heat inside of your car it causes condensation that can quickly reduce visibility. If you are trying to get somewhere quickly not only is this annoying, it can be downright dangerous. Best Windscreen has a few tips to help you defog your windscreen and car glass quickly so you can get to where you need to go. Why Do Car Windows B

Winter is just around the corner, and when it comes you can expect to see the ice, sleet, or snow covering up your car glass during the entire season. If you are tired of being late to work or school due to ice-covered windscreens, Best Windscreen has snow and ice removal tips to help. Safe Ice & Snow Removal When it comes to getting rid of snow and ice from your windscreen, you have to do it

Safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to your vehicle. Among other components, your windscreen and your car glass make up some of the most important parts of your car that help keep passengers safe. Many car owners may not notice minor damage to their windscreen, or they may think that small cracks or chips won’t have a serious effect on their vehicle. Unfortunately, damag

Winter weather can be very bad for your vehicle in many ways. It can harm the engine if you do not keep it full of antifreeze, and damage the undercarriage from all the buildup of ice and the presence of salt and other ice melting chemicals. The automobile windscreen can be affected as well, especially if there is damage to the windscreen already. Cold Weather Rule According to experts at the