Windscreen Damage and Winter Weather

Winter weather can be very bad for your vehicle in many ways. It can harm the engine if you do not keep it full of antifreeze, and damage the undercarriage from all the buildup of ice and the presence of salt and other ice melting chemicals. The automobile windscreen can be affected as well, especially if there is damage to the windscreen already.

Cold Weather Rule

According to experts at the Vehicle Research Association, a chip will get worse more quickly under 32 degrees Fahrenheit in 67 out of 100 cases. And below 15 degrees, the chip is more likely to crack and expand 80% of the time. The colder the weather, the more brittle the glass becomes. And it is much more fragile, meaning even a slight bump can cause it to grow into a large enough crack that it cannot be fixed. Then it will have to be replaced.

Of course, here at BEST WINDSCREEN in London we can fix it before it spreads, or if you wait too long, we can replace windscreen. But, replacing the windscreen costs a lot more and takes more time. Cold weather can also cause more stress on the windscreen and the temperature change when you defrost your windscreen can even cause a crack where there was no damage to begin with. For example, when you put a frozen glass in very hot water it will crack, right? Same thing with a cold windscreen. Also, the use of a scraper or any kind of ice melting chemicals or solvents can cause damage or worsen any damage that is already there.

Less Light/More Dark

Winter weather means less daylight, which means the use of headlights. Have you ever seen the way the light refracts through glass like in a Kaleidoscope? Well, that is how light looks when it shines through a crack or chip in your windscreen. It can be very dangerous to drive like that because the lights are refracted and reflected all over the car, in your eyes, or even in the other drivers’ eyes. This can cause an accident because you or the other driver may be temporarily blinded or distracted.

Frozen Precipitation

The snow and sleet can make the damage to your windscreen worse the same way rain can. In fact, the ice and sleet are worse because when it gets inside of that crack or chip and freezes, it expands, which causes more damage. Just like when any other liquid freezes it takes up more space so it spreads the crack or chip, making it larger.

Fix It Right Away

No matter whether it is a crack or a chip, it is best to get it fixed as soon as you see it because any temperature change, precipitation, or bump can make it worse. The worse it gets, the harder it is to fix, and if it gets too large you will need a replacement windscreen. That will cost you more money and take a lot longer. Give BEST WINDSCREEN a call at 0800 2425 505 in London and we will give you a free estimate.

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