When and Why You Need To Repair a Damaged Windscreen

Safety is one of the most critical aspects of any vehicle. The framework of your car plays a significant role in protecting passengers from road hazards. Your windscreen is always a critical part of that framework, so if it suffers damage, everyone in the car is in danger.

A lot of drivers may not notice that their windscreen has been damaged, or the damage may be small. Frequently, drivers will ignore more minor damages like chips or scratches thinking they won’t affect the integrity of the windscreen. Best Windscreen wants you to understand just how important keeping your windscreen free from damage and in proper repair is to your vehicle.

How do Windscreens get Damaged?

There are several ways in which your windscreen can become damaged. Seasonal hazards, the environment you drive through, and even simple road work can wreak havoc on your glass.

Multiple reasons come up that can affect the windshield and car glass of your vehicle.

Strong weather conditions and area construction work can cause significant windscreen damage regardless of how carefully you drive. You are not always able to escape hail falling from the sky or avoid road debris that strikes your glass. If you find yourself stuck in these types of circumstances, it is important to drive carefully to avoid or at least reduce your chances of incurring windscreen damage.

Sometimes, a small object may strike your windscreen that results in shallow chips. These minor forms of damage can split into cracks or grow into webbing that covers a large portion of your windscreen. When you correct simple damage as soon as it occurs, you can prevent costly repairs down the line.

What Causes Cracks to Spread?

Small chips on your windscreen or car glass can spread if not repaired quickly. Normal wear and tear that occurs with every car paired with the natural elements are the two main causes of spreading cracks.

When the weather changes your windscreen contracts and expands to adapt. This increases the chances of minor damage morphing into treacherous cracks. When your windscreen is exposed to rain, the sun, and wind, the constant fluctuations can cause existing cracks to get larger or even to web.

Storms or other strong wind conditions can pick up debris on the road and cause them to strike your windscreen. This can cause new damage, increase old damage, or even cause debris to become lodged in existing cracks.

Simply driving can also cause existing damage to get worse. If you have small cracks in your glass, pit in the road, speed bumps or even closing your trunk too hard can cause them to spread. Anything that causes your car to vibrate will transmit to your windscreen. These vibrations can cause old cracks to splinter or chips to form into cracks.

When Should You Seek Help?

Anytime there is damage to your windscreen, you should give our mobile unit a call at 0800 2425 505 for rapid repair. We understand that you may not always have the time to address damage to your glass, but the moment you notice a problem it is important to address it. Damage to your windscreen is a road hazard. Adverse weather and rutted roads will only cause minor damage to get worse. Best Windscreen is always standing by to help, and specializes in all windscreen services — so give us a call today to find out more.


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