Tips To Remove Snow & Ice from Your Windscreen Safely

Winter is just around the corner, and when it comes you can expect to see the ice, sleet, or snow covering up your car glass during the entire season. If you are tired of being late to work or school due to ice-covered windscreens, Best Windscreen has snow and ice removal tips to help.

Safe Ice & Snow Removal

When it comes to getting rid of snow and ice from your windscreen, you have to do it in a way that is safe for your car glass. Cold temperatures can add stress to your windscreen which can result in cracks or breaks if you are not careful. This can lead to needing a windscreen replacement.

The most important thing to remember when removing ice or snow is that you need to use the proper tools to get the job done correctly. Using the wrong tools or liquids, or rushing your work, can increase the likelihood of damage to your car glass. Instead of hurrying during the winter months, plan ahead to spend a little more time outside cleaning your car’s glass.

How Do I Prevent Buildup?

If you don’t want to spend time cleaning your car, you can park in a covered garage during cold weather. You can also use a tarp or heavy car cover if garage parking isn’t available in your area. These options will help prevent condensation from freezing on your windscreen and snow from building up on your car glass overnight.

How to Remove Ice & Snow

When you first head out to start your day, check your car to ensure there is no snow covering your tailpipe. Not only does this prevent proper airflow to your engine, but it can also cause dangerous carbon monoxide to build up in the interior of your vehicle.

Remember that your windscreen and car glass is already very cold from being in the frigid air overnight. Allowing heat to build too quickly will add stress to the glass which can cause it to crack or shatter. When you start your car, always put your defroster on the lowest setting to allow your windscreen to heat slowly and evenly.

For the outside of your car, make sure that you are using an ice scraper that is made specifically for automobiles or a plastic scraper. This will reduce the chance of scratching your windscreen unintentionally. Your windscreen should be easy to clean with a scraper after you have allowed your defroster to run for at least 10 minutes.

It is best to use a soft brush or a plastic windscreen scraper, and use gentle right to left sweeping motions to clear your car glass of softened snow or ice. If you happen to find a crack, chip or other forms of damage on your windscreen, make sure to clear that area as gently as possible to prevent further damage.

How We Can Help

Best Windscreen is always here to help with your car glass regardless of the season. If you need repair or replacement, give us a call at 0800 2425 505 to find out how we can help.

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