Tips for Taking Care of Your Windscreen in the Summer

With summer knocking on the door, it is important you make sure your windscreen is properly cared for. There are several tips to help you keep your car glass in pristine condition even when faced with hot weather, and avoid needing a windscreen repair. Summer, just like the winter, has its own unique elemental hazards that can affect the stability of your windscreen. Thankfully, Best Windscreen is here with a list of our invaluable tips to help you take care of your windscreen all summer long.

Mind the Wipers

Humid weather can dry out your windscreen wipers and cause your washer fluid to evaporate much more quickly. As soon as the hot weather rolls around, you should top off your fluid levels and check your wipers. Dust, debris, and broken wipers can cause harmful scratches on the glass. These scratches can develop into cracks which can destabilize your windscreen over time. Salt or other dirt from winter roadwork can also become lodged in your wipers. As they move over the glass, they can gouge the windscreen and reduce visibility.

Check for Damage

Regardless of the season, it is important to check your windscreen for signs of damage on a regular basis. This will allow you the time you need to repair any minor issues before they turn into costly problems. In good weather, such as in the summer, people are more prone to travel. With the increased about of time your car will spend on the road, the higher chances there will be suffering windscreen damage. Less populated areas will have more grit, pebbles, and debris on the road than urban areas. These hazards can strike your windscreen and cause small fissure, pits, or cracks. Check your car often to catch any damage as it occurs and repair it immediately.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your windscreen clean not only has a beneficial effect on the aesthetics of your vehicle, but it is also safer. Regular glass polishing reduces the sun glare that can cause a reduction in visibility and an increase in car accidents. Cleaning your windscreen is also a great way to check for damage. Having a glare is more common on car glass that is scratched, pitted or otherwise damaged.

Don’t Ignore Damage

A minor scratch or pit on your windscreen may seem little enough to ignore, but this is a grievous mistake. The summer heat causes the glass to expand which in turn will cause even minor damage to expand along with it. Once small chips or cracks start to expand, they turn into a larger and much more costly problem. Depending on where you live, this type of damage may even prevent your car from passing inspection.

How We Can Help

If you are interested in learning more about protecting your windscreen for the summer, we are here to help. Give Best Windscreen a call at 0800 2425 505 to find out more about car glass repairs, windscreen replacements, or to get a service quote.

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