How to Replace Your Automobile Windscreen

The windscreen is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Not only is it good for keeping the wind, dirt, bugs, and rain out of your face, it is also a major safety component. In the event that you have a car accident, your windscreen protects you and your passengers by helping to stop you from being thrown out of the car. The windscreen also helps to support the roof of your vehicle in a rollover accident. Without the windscreen, your car would cave in if your vehicle rolled, but the windscreen provides the strength to hold the roof up and keep you safe. In addition, the passenger airbag uses the windscreen to keep it from overinflating. If the windscreen is damaged or not properly secured, it will pop out when the airbag deploys. That’s why you need to repair or replace damaged windscreen ASAP.

What if it Breaks?

So, if your windscreen breaks, what should you do? If it is just a crack or chip you may be able to get it repaired by a vehicle glass repair shop like BEST WINDSCREEN in London. If it is a large crack or if it is shattered you will have to get a new one. Are you thinking about replacing the windscreen yourself? Here are some tips about how to install a new windscreen:

Buying a Replacement Windscreen

You can buy a new windscreen or a used one from a dealer or car glass store. Alternatively, you can buy one from a junkyard or automobile wrecker yard. At many of these places, you have to remove the windscreen yourself so be sure to bring some tools, such as a socket wrench set, pry bar, suction cup, and a second person to assist you. If you get a used windscreen, check the entire windscreen for cracks or chips and be sure to remove the glue around the windscreen before installing.

Removing the Clips

There are clips that hold the molding onto the car, so try not to break them when you remove them from the car. They are specifically fitted to your vehicle to hold on the molding so if you break them you will have to glue the molding on rather than clip it on.

Cut it Out

Cutting the glue to remove the glass from the vehicle with a knife from the outside takes a while but that is the safest way to do it. You can also do it from the inside but this will take many hours and you have to be very careful not to cut the dashboard or any other parts inside the vehicle. Remove the old windscreen with a suction cup and then clean away any dirt or debris in the pinch weld.

Prime and Glue

Use primer on the area you will be putting the glue onto and then put a bead of urethane glue around the area to be mounted. Be sure to use enough glue so the windscreen does not pop out in
an accident.

Place it Perfectly

Make absolutely certain that the windscreen is exactly right before you place it on the glue. You cannot move it or redo it unless you start over from scratch. If you have any problems with the removable or installation, give BEST WINDSCREEN in London a call at 0800 2425 505 anytime. We will come to you anywhere in the London area for no extra charge.

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