How to Prevent a Foggy Windscreen

When the seasons change suddenly, foggy windscreens are a common and annoying occurrence. No matter where you are headed or what season may be approaching, these tips from Best Windscreen will help keep your car glass fog-free anytime you hit the road.

What Causes Fog on a Windscreen?

When the temperature outside of a car and inside of a car is extremely different, it can cause the glass and windscreen to become foggy. In the summer, fog can be caused by the cooled air from the air conditioner meeting the hot air outside. In the wintertime, foggy windscreens are caused when the heated air in the car encounters the cold air outside. Depending on the season, different defogging methods will be more effective.

Summer Weather

In the summer, the best way to get rid of fog on the windscreen is to either open the windows in the car or adjust the temperature settings. By bringing the temperatures closer to even, the fog will more easily dissipate. In the summer, the fog will appear on the outside of the windscreen, which means that you can also use your windscreen wipers to help clear the obstruction.

Winter Weather

In the wintertime, the best way to get rid of fog on the windscreen is to eliminate any frost on the outside of the glass. You can use an ice scraper made specifically for windscreen glass or plastic cards. Another way to defog your windscreen is to pull colder air inside of your vehicle with the recirculate option on your car’s air conditioner. Using the defrosting vents on high while the temperature is set to cool is another creative way to get rid of fog. These methods all help balance the temperatures between the glass and the outside air to help remove fog.

How to Prevent Windscreen Fog

There are some products that you bring with you into the car that can cause fog on your windscreen due to the chemical content. Try to avoid using hanging air fresheners, interior cleaners that have a surface protection component, or any form of smoke such as vape pens.

Moisture is the main cause of fog in the inside of your windscreen. Keeping a small crack in your windows will help keep the air inside of your car dry. Avoid leaving open drinks and food sitting in your car longer than needed to reduce the buildup of excess moisture that can turn into windscreen fog.

Keep Your Windscreen Clean

Ensuring your car glass is clean will also help to reduce fog. Use a glass safe cleaner that is formulated to reduce streaks. We also recommend that you use microfiber cloths, which prevent scratches and give your windscreen a crystal clear shine. As well, we recommend having your car glass clean of chips and cracks. Keeping your windscreen in good condition will improve your vision while driving. If you are in need of a London windscreen repair our team has you covered.

How We Can Help

If your windscreen needs repair or replacement, Best Windscreen is here to help. We offer high quality car glass services in London and the surrounding area for the best possible price! To learn more about our services or for windscreen advice, please give us a call at 0800 2425 505 today.

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