Car Windscreen Replacement and Repair Explained

There are a lot of common road hazards that you will face on your daily commute. These can be something as simple as a stray rock hitting your windscreen from the car in front of you, to hail doing a number on your glass during a seasonal storm. With so many chances for windscreen damage, it is no surprise that windscreen replacements are one of the most common requests among all car repairs. In fact, according to recent surveys, around 30% of all claims on car insurance policies are for windscreen replacements.

Windscreens are also commonly damaged during car accidents. Even small collisions can cause cracks or pits in your windscreen that will eventually need to be fixed. Temperature changes and changes in pressure can also put stress on your windscreen that may lead to cracks or fissures. However, no matter the cause, the damage must be fixed. Best Windscreen explains why below.

The Importance of Windscreen Repair

No matter how minor windscreen damage may be, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. Your windscreen accounts for a third of your vehicle’s structural integrity. A small chip or crack can transform into a web that distorts your vision in no time. Driving without a clear line of vision is dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

Getting Your Windscreen Repaired

When you first notice damage on your windshield, the first course of action is to give us a call. Our expert will let you know if the damage is small enough to repair, or if you will need to replace your whole windscreen. A few things will be considered during the evaluation.

  • Size and Depth – Shallow chips that are smaller than a coin are good candidates for repair. Deeper divots or wide chips will mean that the windscreen needs to be replaced.
  • Type and Location of Damage – There are a few types of damage; mainly cracks, chips, spider web cracks, or a break. Small chips can be repaired, while most other types will mean that your windscreen needs to be replaced. The location of the damage also is important. Any damage that is in a driver’s line of sight has the potential to cause a distraction while on the road.

The Windscreen Replacement Process

After the examination, your windscreen will either be repaired or replaced. Most repair and replacement projects will be completed by a two-person team. This allows for the windscreen to be installed efficiently and with precision.

The actual time it takes to replace your windscreen is only 20 to 30 minutes, but you will need to set aside a couple of hours to allow the technicians the time to do the job correctly. If your glass was broken, this would include interior clean up. Aside from the installation, you will need to allow your new windscreen to set in the frame before you hit the road.

Once the old windscreen has been removed, the team will clean the frame and the surrounding area. An adhesive will be applied to the frame for your new windscreen. Typically, this is urethane, which is very dense and almost impossible to cut.

The windscreen will be mounted over the adhesive, set, and then sealed. It is important to allow the adhesive and the windscreen to set for at least an hour before you drive. Any decals or permits that were affixed to your old windscreen will need to be replaced.

How We Can Help

Repairing or replacing your windscreen doesn’t have to be difficult. With the experts here at Best Windscreen, your London windscreen replacement will be both efficient and affordable. For more information on our services, give us a call at 0800 2425 505 today.

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